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Former IASS President, Lars Lyberg (1993-95) passed away this year after lifetime of contributions to the development of survey methods. His immense contribution will be honoured as part of the WSC meeting on How survey experts can contribute to the better use of citizen-generated data for public policy? being organized by Yongyi Min. Two of his long term colleagues, Paul Biemer and Dennis Trewin will speak at the meeting. Other participants will be invited to contribute at the end of the meeting. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend this meeting.

Dennis Trewin

Former IASS President (1995-97)

World Statistics Conference 2021 Reminder (courtesy of ISI, 4th May)

Our Programme-at-a-Glance is now available to view to help you to start to plan your congress days. Block your diary from the Opening Ceremony on 11th July through to the Closing Ceremony on 16th July and plan your virtual congress experience across five full days in between.

Join Plenary Sessions, including:

John Bailer, ISI President and President’s Invited Speaker Professor Kerrie Mengersen, Distinguished Professor of Statistics, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. 

Guy Nason, Chair, International Prize in Statistics Foundation and Winner of the International Prize in Statistics, Professor Nan Laird, Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of Biostatistics (Emerita), Harvard.

 Your Pre-Congress Checklist

Register to attend. Go to https://www.isi2021.org/registration/ and register. It is quick and easy and you are still in time for the Early Bird rate!

Select and review papers online. A wide selection of abstracts/papers & posters will be available on our platform pages giving you time to browse content and connect with authors in advance.

Connect and schedule meetings. A meeting scheduler will allow you to search delegates attending the WSC and send messages and meeting requests in advance.

Upload your personal profile. A personal profile page is set aside for you to upload your professional profile and detail your areas of research and interest in advance.

 Register for pre-WSC Short Course Programme. Go to https://www.isi-web.org/events/courses/short-2021 to register for the pre-WSC short courses that will run from 6 May-1 July.

ISI Short Courses Programme 2021

ISI is holding its pre-WSC 2021 Short Courses Programme, organized in cooperation with the ISI Associations, from 6 May through 1 July 2021. The programme covers various areas of statistics and data science; an overview of the upcoming courses is given below.

We invite you to disseminate the course information and/or register for the course(s) of your choice. Registrations can be made via Short Courses 2021 – ISI (isi-web.org). We have kept the fees as low as possible and offer discounted rates for students and participants from developing countries. The rates are as follows:

For participants from developed countries:
1-day course: € 80
2-day course: € 100
3-day course: € 120
For participants from developing countries and students:
1-day course: € 40
2-day course: € 60
3-day course: € 80

We look forward to your participation!


      17 May Fraud Analytics
Instructor: Dr. Tahir Ekin

        18–19 May: Financial Accounts – Concepts, compilation and use
Instructors: Henning Ahnert, Pierre Sola, Maciej Anacki, Andreas Hertkorn

        20–21 May: Building technical editing and science communication skills for 21st Century
Instructors: Prof. Elena N. Naumova, Prof. Alessandro Fassò

        25–27 May: Introduction to Graph Sampling
Instructors: Prof. Li-Chun Zhang, Dr. Melike Oguz-Alper

        28 May: An Introductory Course in Competing Risks
Instructor: Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

        31 May: Recurrent Event Analysis in R with the reReg package
Instructor: Dr. Sy Han (Steven) Chiou

        1–3 June: Spatial Statistical Learning
Instructors: Dr. Soutir Bandyopadhyay, Dr. William Kleiber, Dr. Douglas Nychka

        4 June: Reshaping challenging data to produce insightful graphs – a quick start to using R tidyverse tools
Instructors: Prof. John Bailer, Assoc. Prof. Thomas Fisher

        7–9 June: Statistical Theory of Deep Learning
Instructor: Dr. Sophie Langer

        10–11 June: Statistical Disclosure Control: Past, Present and Future
Instructor: Prof. Natalie Shlomo

        14–15 June: Introduction to Machine Learning
Instructor: Prof. David Banks

        16–17 June: Data Science and Predictive Analytics (DSPA)
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Ivo D. Dinov

        18 June: Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests
Instructor: Tim Hesterberg

        21–22 June: Basketball Data Analysis
Instructors: Prof. Marica Manisera, Prof. Paola Zuccolotto

        23 June: Teaching Data Science
Instructors: Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Dr. Colin Rundel

        24 June: Communicating health data: the COVID-19 experience — day 1
Instructors: Prof. Fulvia Mecatti, Prof. Clelia Di Serio

        28 June: Precision medicine: A statistical perspective on estimating the best treatment strategy
Instructor: Dr. Erica E.M. Moodie

        29–30 June: Cure Models: Methods, Applications, and Implementation
Instructors: Dr. Yingwei Peng, Dr. Binbing Yu

        1 July: Communicating health data: the COVID-19 experience — day 2
Instructors: Prof. Fulvia Mecatti, Prof. Clelia Di Serio

To register for the virtual ISI WSC 2021, from 11-16 July 2021, please click here: isi Virtual 2021 (isi2021.org)

Update from the Inter-secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys

New Publication


  • Joint ISWGHS and UN Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians webinar:
  • Topic: UK ONS COVID-19 Infect and Antibody Survey
  • Date/Time: 18 May 2021, 8:30-9:30am EST
  • Speaker: Ms. Ruth Studley and Ms. Sarah Crofts, UK Office for National Statistics
  • Register here

Household survey training opportunities

Your input:

  • Do you have input on our work? What areas do you think we should be focusing on in the next 2-5 years? How can we better serve you?

Please complete this short questionnaire.


Upcoming IASS-Supported Conferences in 2021

ICES VI – The International Conference on Establishment Statistics will take place 14-17 June 2021 in New Orleans, U.S.

Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/ices/2020/conferenceinfo.cfm/   

EESW21– European Establishment Statistics Workshop 2021 will take place virtually 14 – 17 September 2021. Website: https://statswiki.unece.org/display/ENBES/EESW21

SAE2021- BigSmall – Conference on Small Area Estimation, with the theme “Big Data for Small Areas”, will be held virtually 20-24 September, as a satellite conference to the World Statistics Conference in 2021.

Website: https://sae2020.org/ 

11e Colloque International Francophone sur les Sondages – 11th International Francophone Conference on Surveys will take place 6-8 October 2021 in Brussels, Belgium.  Website: http://sondages2020.sciencesconf.org.

Other Conferences on survey statistics and related areas

Statistics in the Big Data Era will take place 2 – 4 June 2021 in Berkeley, USA. Website: https://simons.berkeley.edu/workshops/statistics-big-data-era

Symposium on Data Science & Statistics is planned to take placeJune 2-5, 2021 in Missouri, USA–. Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/sdss/2021/ 

ANZSC 2021 – Australian Statistical Society and New Zealand Statistical Association Conference will take place 5 – 9 July 5, Gold Coast, Australia.  Website: https://anzsc2021.com.au/

Conference and Special Issue of Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A in memory of Fred Smith and Chris Skinner will be held in Southampton, UK, 8‐10 July 2021. See the August 2020 IASS Newsletter for full details.

63rd ISI World Statistics Congress will take place 11-16 July 2021 and will be virtual.  Website: https://www.isi2021.org/

Joint Statistical Meetings 2021 will take place 7 -12 August in Seattle, USA. Website: https://www.amstat.org/ASA/Meetings/Joint-Statistical-Meetings.aspx

2021 Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference will take place 7-9 October in Pittsburgh, USA. Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/wsds/2021/

2021 International Methodology Symposium, ”Adopting Data Science in Official Statistics to Meet Society’s Emerging Needs”, will take place virtually from October 15 to November 5. Website:https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/conferences/symposium2021/index

The Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS) of the ASA Information on activities of the Survey Research Methods Section of the American Statistical Association (ASA) are available at: https://community.amstat.org/surveyresearchmethodssection/home