Hong Kong 2013

59th World Statistics Congress

The 59th World Statistics Congress was held in Hong Kong, S.A.R. China from 25-30 August 2013. The IASS organized or sponsored the 11 sessions described below, during which 38 papers were presented (for a list of all ISI sessions, visit the Detailed Programme at the 59th ISI website). Short courses and IASS administrative meetings were also organized.

IASS sessions

New developments in multilevel model inference from complex sample survey data
Organiser: J.N.K. Rao
Chair: Alastair John Scott
Discussant: Chris J. Skinner

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Empirical bias corrections for fitting multilevel models under informative sampling Solange Correa Onel, Danny Pfeffermann Abstract / Paper
Multivariate hierarchical normal modelling under informative sampling Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva, Fernando Antonio Da Silva Moura Abstract / Paper
A composite likelihood approach to analysis of survey data with sampling weights incorporated under two-level models Grace Y. Yi, J.N.K. Rao, Haocheng Li Abstract / Paper

Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices
Organiser: Xiuhua Tian
Chair: Hing-wang Fung
Discussant: Barteld Braaksma

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Issues related to major redesigns in national statistical offices Peter Morrison Abstract / Paper
Redesign in a statistical office – Sociodemographic statistics in the Office for National Statistics Paul A. Smith Abstract / Paper
Innovations in Australia’s social statistics information program Gemma Van Halderen, Eric Morris Abstract / Paper
Design and implementation of the Integrated Business Survey in China Xiuhua Tian Abstract / Paper

Model-assisted approaches to combining information from different surveys (survey data integration)
Organiser and Chair: Jae Kwang Kim

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Estimation of totals and regression parameters by combining data from independent surveys Rao, Jae Kwang Kim Abstract / Paper
Improved estimation for June Area Survey incorporating several information Zhengyuan Zhu, Jae Kwang Kim, Shu Yang Abstract / Paper
Composite calibration estimation integrating data from different surveys Takis Merkouris Abstract / Paper

Administrative censuses: Approaches when national population registers are not complete, or not available
Organiser and chair: Christine Mary Bycroft
Discussant: Stephen Elliott Fienberg

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Integrated rolling census Luisa Burck, Dan Ben Hur Abstract / Paper
The new register-based census of Germany – A multiple source mixed mode approach Sabine Bechtold Abstract / Paper
Beyond 2011 – A new paradigm for population statistics? Peter Benton, Andy Teague, Alistair Calder, Jane Naylor Abstract / Paper
A Bayesian method for deriving population statistics from multiple imperfect data sources John Bryant, Patrick Graham Abstract / Paper

Matrix sampling, split-questionnaire: Design and estimation
Organiser: Takis Merkouris
Chair: Sarah M. Nusser
Discussant: Takis Merkouris

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Split questionnaire designs: Are they an efficient design choice? David Steel, James O. Chipperfield, Margo L. Barr Abstract / Paper
Split questionnaire design for massive surveys Feray Adiguzel, Michel Wedel Abstract / Paper
Split questionnaire design for panel surveys Trivellore Eachambadi Raghunathan Abstract / Paper
Integration of matrix sampling and multiple-frame methodology John L. Eltinge Abstract / Paper

Rankings, use of ranks, and survey sampling
Organiser: Tommy Wright
Chair: Martin Klein
Discussant: Yves Tillé

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
An overview of some concepts for potential use in ranking populations based on sample survey data Tommy Wright, Martin Klein, Jerzy Wieczorek Abstract / Paper
Ranking methods that address explicit goals Thomas A. Louis Abstract / Paper
Ranking methods for high-dimensional data Peter Gavin Hall Abstract / Paper

The challenge from web panel surveys
Organiser: Jörgen Svensson
Chair: Inger Eklund
Discussant: Paul Philip Biemer

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Web panels for official statistics? Jelke Bethlehem, Fannie Cobben Abstract / Paper
A standard with quality indicators for web panel surveys: A Swedish example Mats Nyfjäll Abstract / Paper
Web panel surveys – Can they be designed and used in a scientifically sound way? Jörgen Svensson Abstract / Paper

Response to natural disasters
Organiser: Gary Dunnet
Chair: Christine Mary Bycroft
Discussant: Len W. Cook

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Managing the impact of floods in Eastern Australia on Australian official statistics Paul Schubert, Evrim Aydin Saher Abstract / Paper
Floods in Pakistan 2010 and 2011 Muhammad Akram Janjua Abstract / Paper
The impact of the great East Japan earthquake on the labor market and industrial production in the disaster-striken prefectures Isao Takabe, Minoru Nogimori, Tomohiko Inui Abstract / Paper
Managing the effect of a disaster on official statistics Gary Roger Dunnet, Richard Penny Abstract / Paper

New developments in small area estimation and applications
Organiser: Mike A. Hidiroglou
Chair: J.N.K. Rao
Discussant: Graham Kalton

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Benchmarking and design-consistency in small area estimation Parthasarathi Lahiri Abstract / Paper
An outlier robust block bootstrap for small area estimation Ray Chambers, Payam Mokhtarian Abstract / Paper
A review of poverty mapping procedures Isabel Molina, J.N.K. Rao Abstract / Paper

Analytic inference for data from complex surveys
Organiser: Jean D. Opsomer
Chair: Emily J. Berg

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Testing for informativeness in analytic inference from complex survey data Jean D. Opsomer, F. Jay Breidt, Wade Herndon, Ricardo Cao, Mario Francisco Fernández Abstract / Paper
Fitting models to complex survey data accounting for nonignorable sampling and nonresponse Danny Pfeffermann, Moshe Feder Abstract / Paper
Rank tests with data from a complex survey Alastair John Scott, Thomas Lumley Abstract / Paper
Testing of parametric models fitted to high-dimensional contingency tables using complex survey data Chris J. Skinner, Irini Moustaki Abstract / Paper

Recent developments in imputation
Organiser and chair: Yves Tillé
Discussant: Phillip S. Kott

Title Author(s) Abstract or paper
Handling nonignorable nonresponse using generalized calibration with latent variables M. Giovanna Ranalli, Alina Matei, Andrea Neri Abstract / Paper
Hot deck imputation for multivariate missing data Jae-Kwang Kim, Wayne A. Fuller Abstract / Paper
Balanced k-nearest neighbor imputation Caren Hasler, Yves Tillé Abstract / Paper

Short courses

Short courses were arranged by the IASS with the University of Hong Kong during 22-25 August 2013.

Date Title Instructor(s)
1 22-23 August 2013(2 days) Business Survey Design
  • Wesley Yung
  • Mike Hidiroglou
2 23 August 2013(1 day) Practical Tools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples
  • Richard Valliant
  • Jill A. Dever
3 23 August 2013(1 day) Actuarial and Statistical Aspects of Reinsurance
  • Hansjorg Albrecher
  • Jozef L. Teugels
4 24 August 2013(1 day) Heavy Tail Phenomena
  • Thomas Mikosch
5 24-25 August 2013(1.5 days) Editing and Imputation of Survey Data
  • Eric Rancourt
  • Jean-Francois Beaumont
6 24-25 August 2013(2 days) Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data
  • Kirk M. Wolter
  • F. Jay Breidt
  • Jean D. Opsomer

IASS administrative meetings

  • Joined Council meeting
  • General Assembly
  • Incoming Council meeting
  • General Assembly