Rio de Janeiro 2015

60th World Statistics Congress

The 60th World Statistics Congress of the ISI is to be held from 27th – 31st July 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The following 13 IASS invited paper sessions have been accepted:

  1. Methodologies relating to Big Data applications
    Organizer: Siu-Ming Tam
  2. Statistical Disclosure Control for official statistics in the 21st century
    Organizer: Gemma van Halderen
  3. Adaptive Survey Design
    Organizer: Barry Schouten
  4. Sampling Frame and Nonsampling Error Issues in Internet Surveys
    Organiser: Öztas Ayhan
  5. New developments in use of model-based methods in official statistics
    Organizer: Paul Smith
  6. Small area estimation for business and economic data
    Organizer: Susana Rubin-Bleuer
  7. What is a Census during times of changing methodologies and technologies?
    Organizer: Arona Pistiner
  8. Recent advances in empirical likelihood approaches under complex sampling
    Organizer: Yves Berger
  9. Using remote sensing for agricultural statistics
    Organizer: Elisabetta Carfagna
  10. Estimation and inference methods based on integrated statistical data
    Organizer: Li-Chun Zhang
  11. Statistical implications of changing ILO international standards for employment and unemployment
    Organizer: Tite Habiyakare
  12. Cross national comparability of national statistics
    Organizer: Ineke Stoop (IAOS lead, and IASS co-sponsor)
  13. Bayesian Analysis of complex survey data
    Organizer: Sahar Zangeneh

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