World Statistics Congress

The ISI World Statistics Congresses (WSC) take place once every two years in a different country and is organised with the host country’s central bureau of statistics. This is the main activity of the ISI where all ISI Associations, Committees and various types of members come together to participate in the different aspects of the WSC for one entire week.

The WSCs have a rich Scientific Programme that are grouped into three types of meetings: invited sessions, contributed sessions and special topic sessions. The ISI organizes several sessions.

There is an Administrative Programme that includes meetings of the Executive Committees, Councils, General Assemblies and Committees of the ISI and the Associations including the IASS.

Since the establishment of the IASS in 1973, WSC were or will be held in the following cities:

64th WSC Ottawa, Canada 2023

63rd WSC, Virtual 2021
62nd WSC Kuala Lumbur, Malaysia 2019
61st WSC Marrakech, Morocco 2017
60th WSC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015
59th WSC Hong Kong, SAR China 2013
58th WSC Dublin 2011
57th WSC Durban 2009
56th WSC Lisbon 2007
55th WSC Sydney 2005
54th WSC Berlin 2003
53rd WSC Seoul 2001
52nd WSC Helsinki 1999
51st WSC Istanbul 1997
50th WSC Beijing 1995
49th WSC Florence 1993
48th WSC Cairo 1991
47th WSC Paris 1989
46th WSC Tokyo 1987
45th WSC Amsterdam 1985
44th WSC Madrid 1983
43rd WSC Buenos Aires 1981
42nd WSC Manila 1979
41st WSC New Delhi 1977
40th WSC Warsaw 1975
39th WSC Vienna 1973