Services to members

The IASS sends to all members free of charge:

  • The Survey Statistician, the newsletter of the Association, which is issued twice a year, in English, French and Spanish. It includes general information about the activities of the Association (meetings, seminars, etc.) and about meetings arranged by other organizations around the world that are likely to be of interest to its members. It also includes various technical sections on issues related to surveys (e.g., survey terminology, bibliographies, summaries of papers or books).
  • Compiled volumes of the papers relating to surveys and censuses that were presented at World Statistics Congresses of the International Statistical Institute.
  • A Directory of the members of the Association (every 2 years).

Members of the Association are entitled to reduced subscription rates for the following journals:

  • Survey Methodology/Techniques d’Enquêtes which is published twice a year in both English and French by Statistics Canada. The journal publishes articles on the theory and practice of surveys.
  • The Journal of Official Statistics, which is published four times a year by Statistics Sweden. The journal publishes articles on the methodology of the operations carried out by official statistical agencies.

IASS members can obtain expert technical assistance on surveys and censuses from the IASS by submitting questions in our Ask the Experts page.

Support to conferences and workshops

The objective of the IASS is to promote the study and development of the theory and practice of statistical censuses and surveys and associated subject throughout the world. To pursue this objective, the IASS is able to provide limited financial support to relevant conferences and workshops. In addition the IASS is keen to promote such activities and related outputs.