IASS News February 2020


  • The Ask the Experts section includes an article entitled, Wider applications for dual and multiple system estimation, and authored by Peter G. M. van der Heijden and Marten Cruyff
  • The New and Emerging Methods section is made up of two articles:

– New Data Sources for Official Statistics – A Game Changer for Survey Statisticians? is authored by Siu-Ming Tam and Anders Holmberg

– Quality of Multisource Statistics – the KOMUSO Project, authored by Gabriele Ascari, Karin Blix, Giovanna Brancato, Thomas Burg, Angela McCourt, Arnout van Delden, Danutė Krapavickaitė, Niels Ploug, Sander Scholtus, Peter Stoltze, Ton de Waal and Li-Chun Zhang.

  • My experience attending the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019, an article prepared by  Diego Andrés Pérez Ruiz, winner of the 2019 Cochran-Hansen prize

The issue contains a Country Reports section with eight country reports, the Table of Contents for relevant journals, and announcements for upcoming conferences in 2020.

Next TSS issue will be published in July 2020. Previous issues are available free of charge at http://isi-iass.org/home/.

Other News

Following the 2019 World Statistics Conference (WSC), Peter Ogunyinka was appointed IASS representative for the ISI Young Statisticians (YC) Committee. The maiden meeting of the committee was on 24 January. The meeting resolved to submit proposals for a YS-ISI workshop to be held prior to the 2021 WSC and to submit proposals for invited sessions at the 2021 WSC (both due 20th February). Feel free to send Peter (ogunyinka.peter@gmail.com) helpful suggestions or ideas.

See the IASS Twitter account @iass_isi

Please feel free to send me (james.chipperfield@abs.gov.au) any news that would be of interest to IASS members

Recent and Upcoming 2020 Conferences Supported by IASS

Conference for Population Surveys, Data Users and Producers, 5-6 February 2020 Nigeria, Africa, https://www.statslife.org.uk/events/events-calendar-view/eventdetail/1554/-/rss-nigeria-population-data-for-informed-national-planning

ICES VI – The International Conference on Establishment Statistics will take place 15–18 June in New Orleans, U.S. Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/ices/2020/conferenceinfo.cfm

SAE2020- BigSmall – Conference on Small Area Estimation will be held 6–8 July in Naples, Italy, with a general theme “Big Data for Small Areas”. Website: https://sae2020.org/ 

Summer School on Survey Statistics 2020 will be held 24–28 August in Minsk, Belarus. Website: https://wiki.helsinki.fi/display/BNU/Events

11e Colloque International Francophone sur les Sondages – 11th International Francophone Conference on Surveys will be held 13–16 October in Brussels, Belgium.
Website: http://sondages2020.sciencesconf.org

Other 2020 Conferences on survey statistics and related areas

Workshop on the Concept of Quality for Big Data will take place February 25-26 at the Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. Website: https://tatk.elte.hu/workshop_concept_of_quality_for_big_data   

The Eleventh Conference on Health Survey Research Methods will take place 4 – 7 March in Williamsburg, U.S. Website: https://hsrmconference.com

2020 Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) Workshop will take place 11-13 March in Paris, France. Website: https://csdiworkshop.org/

Use of R in Official Statistics 2020 – 8th International Conference will take place 6–8 May in Vienna, Austria. Website: http://r-project.ro/conference2020.html

American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference will be held 14-17 May in Atlanta, U.S.Website: https://www.aapor.org/Conference-Events/Annual-Meeting.aspx

12th International Conference on Transport Survey Methods will take place May 31 – June 5 at the Hotel Golf Mar in Porto Novo (near Lisbon), Portugal.Website: https://www.isctsc2020.pt/

Symposium on Data Science & Statistics will take placeJune 3 – 6 in Pittsburgh US. Website https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/sdss/2020/ 

Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference will take place 6-10 July, Gold Coast, Australia https://anzsc2020.com.au/

Q2020 -10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statisticswill be held 9–12 June in Budapest, Hungary. Website: http://q2020.hu/

2020 American Statistical Association Conference on Statistical Practice will take place 20-22 February in Sacramento, U.S. Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/csp/2020/    

Joint Statistical Meeting with the theme Everyone Counts: Data for the Public Good will take place 1-6th August in Philadelphia, US. Website: https://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/jsm/2020/index.cfm

BigSurv20 – Big Data Meets Survey Science will be held 4–6 November in Utrecht, Netherlands. Website: https://www.bigsurv20.org

The Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS) of the ASA

Information on activities of the Survey Research Methods Section of the American Statistical Association (ASA) are available at: https://community.amstat.org/surveyresearchmethodssection/home