Hukum Chandra Prize 2024

Application process

Submit an extended abstract of up to 5 pages (including references) on which the webinar will be based.
This must comprise original work that is either unpublished or published. The extended abstract must be
written in English, include a clear statement of the problem, the proposed method(s) and a summary of
key results. If the work is based on a published paper, the paper should be part of the application. Each
submission must also be accompanied by a short CV (max two pages).

The CV, extended abstract and paper (if available) must be submitted to the chair of the IASS prize
committee, Eric Rancourt, by 23:59 GMT on 31st May 2024.

The submission deadline is 31st May 2024. The decision will be communicated by the end of July and
the webinar will be scheduled in October 2024. The papers submitted will be reviewed by the IASS prize Committee appointed by the IASS EC. The decision of the Committee will be final.