Cochran-Hansen Prize 2021

In celebration of its 25th anniversary in 1999, the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) established the Cochran-Hansen Prize, which is awarded every two years for the best paper on survey research methods submitted by a young statistician from a developing or transition country. In the 2021 edition, the Cochran-Hansen Prize consists of research expenses in a total of €1500 to be executed until 15 February, 2023.

As the prize winner will be invited to present his or her paper at the World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute (WSC2021) to be held virtually in La Hague, The Netherlands, 12-16 July 2021, this value will cover the WSC registration. The remaining expenses may include registration at WSC short courses, books, journal subscriptions or publication fees, registration and travel expenses for attending to conferences or short courses, and travel expenses of research visits. Credit should be given to IASS support in the conferences presentations or in the publications supported by the Cochran-Hansen Prize.

Participation in competition for the prize is restricted to young statisticians from developing countries that are living in such countries and were born in 1986 or later.

A paper submitted for the competition must consist of original work which is either unpublished or has been published after February 15th 2019. A paper may be based on a university thesis and should be written in English. The deadline for submission of papers for the 2021 prize is 15 February 2021. All papers must be sent to the chair of the IASS 2021 Cochran-Hansen Prize Committee, Dr Isabel Molina, email address;

Each submission must be accompanied by a cover letter, stating the author’s year of birth, nationality and country of residence. The cover letter should also indicate if the paper submitted is based on a PhD thesis and, in the case of a joint paper, the contribution to the paper made by the prize competitor. The papers submitted will be reviewed by members of the Cochran-Hansen Prize Committee appointed by the IASS. The decision of the Committee will be final. The prize winner will be notified on or before March 30th, 2021 by email.

For further information, please contact
Dr Isabel Molina
Department of Statistics

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